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Unique "Power Cord" Design

PoCPoC offers the smallest form-factor of any single-port power device on the market. It is a plug and play "seamless" addition to the standard power cord and takes up zero U space in rack environments.

PoC is based on a modular design. You can easily slide units next to each other, while sending them individual power commands through the same control unit.

Thanks to the modular single-port design, you only buy the number of ports required and bypass potential port inefficiency with a PDU. You can also add more ports as your IT needs grow, thus reducing ROI and making the system easily scalable.

Even though PoC is designed as a cable and there may be the fear of plugging management devices into a 'power cord' like device, this problem is overcome by utilizing galvanic separation: there is no physical connection between the management device and the power device.

Flexible Power Redundancy PoC vs. PDU

PoC Flexible Power RedundancyCustomers with metered PDUs can connect PoCs without needing to change the install base.

For most models of power switching units to provide redundancy, an extra PDU is required with all the problems that this entails (cost, space, extra IP addresses etc.). PoC provides a single port redundancy, i.e – there is no need to buy a full-blown PDU to provide redundancy for a single server. You can handpick the exact amount of PoCs you need.

PoC in a switch format can provide a mix of both redundancy and non-redundancy for a number of servers. Until now, this would have required separate redundant and non-redundant PDUs.

PDUs divide their input power (current) among their multiple sockets resulting in restricted power output to each server. With PoC the power input is the same as power output (up to 10 A). The figure below shows how a PoC can be a complementary solution to a PDU.

PDUs require special models for each region's particular voltage. PoC supports any voltage from 90 - 260Vac 44 – 66Hz.

Completing the Out-of-Band Remote Support Package with Maximized Power Efficiency

PoCPoC is complementary to the line of Out-of-Band remote KVM access solutions (PX-USB, IP Control, AccessIT) which together provide the complete remote support package.

PoC is targeted at any IT environment that includes mission critical computers, servers or network and monitoring devices, which require 24/7 remote power management to ensure systems are up and running at all times. These include computer rooms, server rooms, data centers, production lines, distributed intelligent devices, industrial applications and more.

PoC solves the problem of power control to remote IT infrastructure in cases where a PDU cannot provide enough electrical current or when the number of ports are not optimized to the application.

The two main applications for the PoC are:

  • KVM IT market - Together with a KVM IP connection to a computer/server (with a KVM IP device).
  • Industrial market - Together with a serial connection to any power device.

KVM IT Applications

PoCPoC completes the remote support and server management solution for corporate IT. A KVM over IP device provides the out-of-band BIOS level access including virtual media support while the server is up and running. PoC completes the solution with the addition of remote power control capability to power on/off/cycle the maintained server.

Its dedicated one port connectivity together with a PX-USB KVM access solution makes the PoC a perfect fit for IT environments of distributed and isolated mission critical computers or servers. When connected to a KVM IP gateway (IP Control) in conjunction with your legacy KVM switches it is a perfect fit in computer/server rooms where only specific devices require the dedicated single port power control, outside of the standard PDUs.

In both scenarios, the power commands are sent through the remote KVM session to the specific server thus avoiding accidental mix ups such as powering off the wrong device.

The unique single port power control™ solution offered by PoC is complementary to mainstream power distribution units (PDUs) in the rack and server environments.

It is useful when:

  • A server requires current consumption that is more than the connected PDU supports
  • There is a mix of servers with single, dual, quad or more power supplies

Industrial Applications

PoC for industrial applicationsPoC is a perfect solution for industrial applications that require remote power control of IT devices via serial commands.

PoC comes with an open serial protocol (RS232) that can easily be implemented in any of the following ways:

  • Serial string
  • Utility SW
  • Implementing the protocol into 3rd party products like environmental monitoring device.

A full serial RS232 protocol to control the PoC is provided, making it a straightforward task to implement into 3rd party control systems.

Key Features and Benefits

PoCSeamless integration with KVM IP devices - Compatible with PX-USB and IP Control for seamless power control

Expandability - Modular design allows you to easily slot units next to each other

90 - 260 VAC 44 - 66 Hz - One product fi ts all - International one product power coverage

Current consumption up to 10A - No current limitation for majority of IT and intelligent devices

Green solution - Saves costs, saves time, saves electricity and saves the planet

Customer’s Real Needs - Customers with metered PDUs can connect PoCs without needing to change the install base

Flexible power redundancy - Handpick the exact amount of PoCs you need

Unique design & form factor - Smallest form-factor of any single-port power device on the market

Easy 3rd party integration with open standard protocol - Full serial RS232 protocol to control the PoC

Galvanic Separation - No physical connection between the management device and the power device


PoCElectrical Rating

  • Input Voltage: 90 - 260VAC
  • Input Frequency: 44 – 66Hz
  • Max. Output Current: 10A


  • Input Receptacle: C14
  • Output Power Cable: C13 + 150cm Cable
  • Communication Ports: IrDA Transmit & Receive


  • Protocol: Standard RS232
  • Baud Rate: 1200bps
  • Distance: 4 – 8m

LED Indicator

  • Green LED: Input Power Status
  • Red LED: Output Power Status

Operation & Environment

  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 degree C
  • Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%
  • Storage Temperature: -15 to 50 degree C


  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Size: 92 x 42 x 29.50mm / 3.62 x 1.68 x 1.16 in.

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack