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Power IQ
Centralized Rack PDU Management, Vendor Agnostic Power Control, Data Aggregation and Grouping

Power IQ Hardwar ApplianceAgent-less Graceful Operating System Shutdown and Outlet Control: Reduces energy costs under normal operations and extends battery life during power failure.

Remote Power On/Off of Outlets, IT Devices, Device Groups and Racks: Operational efficiency.

Group Data Via IT Device, Customer/Department, Rack, Row, Zone and Building: Turns a large amount of detailed data into useful information to enhance capacity planning and energy efficiency initiatives.

Centralized Management: Consolidates names, polling status, locations, models and firmware for all your rack PDUs onto one screen and saves valuable management time.

Monitoring for Alerts and Threshold Violations: Increase uptime by becoming aware of incidents before they become problems.

PDU System and Outlet Naming: Common tool to set names in bulk or one at a time to save time.  Also allows you to save outlet names in an Excel® file for future reference and updates.

Collect Power Data: Outlet Current and Active Power; Line Current Draw and Available Current; Unit Active Power and Apparent Power: Use one system for information aggregation.

Collect Environmental Data from Temperature and Humidity Probes: Find hot spots in your data center.

User Configurable Polling: The data polling can be configured from 15 seconds to 24 hours.

User Configurable Data Retention: System administrator can control data retention period.

Bulk PX System Configuration: Saves time and improves accuracy for configuring common parameters for thousands of PX devices.

PX Firmware Management: Power IQ reduces the time it takes to administer PX firmware updates because it helps track and distribute those updates.

Compatibility Chart - Rack Power Distribution Units and In-Line Meters Supported by Power IQ


Manufacturer Product Type Description Model Supported Product Firmware Notes
APC Rack PDU  Switched Rack PDU Series  79XX  v3.5.8 & v3.7.0   
APC Rack PDU  Metered Rack PDU Series  78XX  v3.5.8 & v3.7.0  
APC In Line Meter  In Line Current Meter  71XX  v3.5.8 & v3.7.0   
APC Environment Management System  Environmental Management Appliance  APC9320     
APC UPS Uninterruptible power supply  Symmetra PX 10 to 500 kVA/kW UPS Systems  520.2000.D  
Avocent Rack PDU Rack PDU Series PM1000, PM2000, PM3000 1.3.0   
Baytech Rack PDU RPC Series  RPC Series with Ethernet Access; standalone or with a DC controller  F 1.09   
CyberSwitching Rack PDU  Smart Dualcom series 

DC1620V, DC1630ViC B, DC1640V, DC440i, DC440L, DC460L, DC820, DC830i, DC840 

Cyclades Rack PDU    Cyclades PM PDU series products are connected to Cyclades ACS Console Server (via SNMP)     
Eaton Rack PDU  ePDU Eaton standard Density & High Density PWXXX series models     
Eaton In Line Meter  In Line Current  Single phase  1.11  Dual input 
Geist Rack PDU  Ethernet Metered PDUs GM Series  EM40/GM1 5-120, EM40/GM1 5-80  1.46   
Geist     EM 8/GM6, EM 8/GM 3, EM 40/GM 22, EM 8/G M2, EM 8/GM 1     
HP Rack PDU  AF Series  AF 5XXX, 9XXX, 370962-D7 1    
Knurr Rack PDU  DI-STRIP®       
Liebert Rack PDU    MPX & MPH Series     
Liebert UPS  Uninterruptible power supply  NPower 30 - 130 kVA UPS Systems  V 1 .27   
Liebert FDC Power Distribution Cabinet  Each FDC can have up to 4 panels. Each panel in turn supports up to 42 circuits       
MRV Console Server  LX Series  LX4000T    8, 16, 32 or 48 port console servers 
MRV Rack PDU  LX Series  LX-5250, LX-5210, LX-4800  5.3.2   
Netbotz Environment Management System  Environmental Management Appliance  Netbotz 500, 420, 320     
Raritan Rack PDU Ethernet Metered PDUs PM Series  EM40/PM1 5-120, EM40/PM1 5-80, EM 8/PM 6, EM 8/PM 3, EM 40/PM 22, EM 8/PM 2, EM 8/PM 1  1.46  
Raritan Rack PDU  Dominion PX Series  All models  All firmware versions   
Rittal Rack PDU  Metered Power System Module & CMC-TC Processing Unit II       
Server Tech  Rack PDU  POPS series, Switched series, Smart series CDUs All models in each CDU series  6.0   
Sinetica Rack PDU  Hawk-I Controller Unit & PDUs       
Tripp-Lite Rack PDU    PDU MXXX Series Switched, Monitored PDU product line. PDUs with single and double inlets     
Univeral Electric Track Busway  Starline Track Busway  STARLINE Track Busway™ all models (B40-B400)     



Power IQ Active Power ChartsCooling Chart: Energy Efficiency – Understand if you are compliant with manufacturer and industry-accepted recommendations, and project how much energy you can save by increasing  room ambient temperature.

Trend Analysis Charts: Reduce Downtime – Establish baselines and track long-term trends for energy consumption, power load, line current, temperature and humidity. Avoid project delays and downtime due to lack of power supply or circuit overloads.

Carbon Footprint Charts: Peace of Mind – Certify usage change from one period to another to support carbon credit claims.

Energy Billback Charts: Energy Efficiency – Drive energy conservation behavior by billing back energy consumption to users.

PDU Health Chart: Reduce Downtime – Easily spot power health incidents before they become serious problems.

Security and Versatility

Power IQ Central PDU ConsoleLDAP/AD Integration: Easily centralizes corporate authentication policies.

Trusted Host Definition: Our 100% Web-enabled system provides administrators with the option to restrict access to named hosts if such a level of security is desired.

AES Encryption up to 256 Bits: Protects your data with the industry’s most secure encryption standard.

VMware® Virtual Appliance: Runs on your VMware ESX or free VMware ESXi to save time, space and energy.

Optional Appliance for Non-VMware Enterprises: Easy-to install enterprise server with dual mirrored hard drives, redundant power and redundant fans.

Open Data Model and Web Service API

Power IQ Vendor Agnostic ManagementOpen Database Connectivity: Provides you with the flexibility to use your own reporting system, such as Crystal reports or SQL, to store and analyze data. This can save training time and lets you create the exact custom reports you require.

Web Service API: Easily integrate to your systems and tools. Build your own customer applications for power control.

Import and Export Data Via CSV File: Leverage data and information between systems and organizations.

Technical Specifications

Virtual Appliance

  • VMware Virtual Appliance  ESX or ESXi
  • CPU  Single-Quad CPU
  • RAM  2-4GB
  • Disk  80-160GB
  • Media  DVD
  • Host OS  Any

Note: Assumes 2Ghz per Core and 30 minute polling interval.

Power IQ Hardware Appliance 

Hardware Appliance

  • Form Factor: 2U
  • Dimensions: 27.05" (W) x 18.70" (D) x 3.46" (H); 687mm (W) x 475mm (D) x 88mm (H)
  • Weight: 44.1 lbs; 20kg
  • Power: Dual Supply (2 x 500 watt)
  • Operating Temp: 10-40 C; 50-104 F
  • MTBF: 53,564 hours
  • KVM Admin Port: DB15 + PS2 or USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • Serial Admin Port: DB10
  • Console Port: 3 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Processor: Intel Xeon Quad Core X3360
  • Memory: 2 x 2 GB
  • Network Interfaces: (2) 10/100/1000 Eth. (RJ45)
  • Hard Disk & Controller: (2) 160 GB SATA @ 10000 rpm, RAID 1
  • CD/ROM Drive: DVD-ROM

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