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Equipment Item/Description Qty Width Height Depth Remarks
Inches U Inches Inches

(Hubs/Switches, Routers, Patch Panels, UPS, KVM Switches, etc.)

(Tower/Desktop Computers, External Drives, etc.)
Printers 31.)  
Monitors 36.)  
Input Devices 38.)        
Server Rack 19" rack-mount (4-post)

LAN Rack Equipment mounted on shelves

Communication Rack 19" rack-mount (2-post)
Cable Management
Rack-mount Flat Panel Console
Power Distribution Units
Environment Monitoring System
KVM Switching System
Available Size, Space & Layout
Width: ft. in.
Height: ft. in.
Depth: ft. in.
Additional Comments / Information: 


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  1. Enter a Project Name to identify the racking project you are looking to put together. Once submitted, a unique number will be assigned to this project, and it will be saved in your MyRackit account, for future reference.
  2. Equipment List. Enter a list of all the equipment you're looking to mount in this racking project.
    • Make sure to enter a general description for each item (i.e. Server, Hub, UPS, etc.).
    • Make sure to enter quantity for all equipment.
    • Make sure to enter width, height, and depth dimension for all equipment.
  3. Choose the type of rack you are looking for, and mark any of the available options you would like to have.
  4. Choose additional options you'd like to be included in your racking project.
  5. Indicate the available physical space which will be allocated for this racking project.

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack