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Platform Qty Keyboard / Mouse Video Comments
Local Access (Same Building)

Remote Access (via Network)
Type of Cabling
  CAT 5 Cabling
  KVM Cabling
Integrated Managed PDU
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Switch-It Worksheet is an easy way for you to get expert consultation with regard to setting up a KVM switching system - FREE of charge!

Switch-It Worksheet allows you to interactively provide a Rackit expert engineer with all the information necessary to choose and configure a KVM switching solution for you.

Once submitted, your Switch-It Worksheet gets reviewed by a Rackit expert KVM-switching engineer, who will evaluate your requirements based on the information you have provided and the preferences you have selected.

Should questions arise, a Rackit KVM-switching engineer will get on the phone with you, to review and edit your Switch-It Worksheet in a live online session (you can always view your saved Switch-It Worksheets from within your MyRackit account).

Finally, a Rackit KVM-switching engineer will present you with the most suitable and cost-effective KVM switching solution(s), custom-configured to meet all your requirements, along with a price quote.
  1. Enter a Project Name to identify the KVM-switching project you are looking to setup. Once submitted, a unique number will be assigned to this project, and it will be saved in your MyRackit account, for future reference.
  2. List target devices. Enter a list of all servers, computers, and serial network appliances you'd like the KVM switching system to control.
    • Be sure to indicate the appropriate hardware platform, i.e. PC-based servers or computers, Sun servers, Macintoshes, "Headless" server (with no video card), serial appliances (hubs, routers, Ethernet switches, etc.), or "other" targets such as RS/6000, SGI, or HP workstations (if you select "other", you should provide additional information in the corresponding Comments field).
    • Make sure to enter a quantity for each selection.
    • Indicate the keyboard/mouse connectors used by each target device (i.e. PS/2 [6-pin Mini-Din], Sun [8-pin Mini-Din], USB, Mac ADB, or a VT100 compatible Serial [RS-232] connector).
    • Indicate the video connector used by each target device (i.e. VGA [HD15], 13W3, Mac video, or no video).
  3. Choose the type of console access and control you are looking for:
    • Local Access - direct console access, network independent (not through your LAN), within the same physical location (typically within 1000 feet range).
    • Remote Access - from any computer located anywhere in the building or around the world, through your LAN, WAN, Internet, or dial-up connection.
    • Simultaneous Control - all consoles have concurrent and independent access to control any of the attached target servers at any given time.
    • Exclusive Control - although access to any of the attached target servers may be established from multiple points-of-access consoles, only one console has control at any given time.
    • Console information - fill in the number of consoles you want to have at the rack, and the number of extended consoles, with their distance to the KVM switch.
  4. Options - indicate your preferred type of cables, and whether you'd like to integrate a managed Power Distribution Unit (PDU) into your KVM switching system.

Professional assistance is only a phone call away.  Call Rackit® toll-free at 1-800-636-3434 for a free consultation, and a Rackit® expert KVM-switching engineer will configure a KVM switching solution that meets your requirements and budget.

You can also send an e-mail to Info@RackitTechnology.com and we'll promptly reply during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.
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