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Servit 6
With cable-management in mind, Servit is designed for either stand-alone setup, or multiple-racks data-center installation

Two Servits with Two Inter-Bay Cable Troughs in Between

Servit's open design eliminates any ventilation issues, yet allows ganging racks together and easily managing cables and cross-connects.

Inter-bay vertical cable troughs are ideal for handling a mass of data and power cables branching into the rack installation from the ceiling or the raised floor.

Vertical Cable-Rings and horizontal cable organizers, cable-lacing panels and cable-strain relief bars provide for meticulous cable management within the rack.

Rack-Mount Cable Organizers


Sturdy, highly functional open architecture that ships compactly, installs quickly, and supports data and/or communication equipment installation

Servit -- Front Base Facing InServit -- Front Base Facing OutServit™ can be bolted to the floor, and its base can be assembled either facing inward for minimum footprint, or facing outward for anti-tipping support.

Servit racks can be ordered in four (4) different depths, to accommodate installations which are 24-inches deep; or 29-inches deep; or 32-inches deep; or as deep as 36-inches.

At 84-inches high, providing 45U of rack-mount space, Servit 6 models ship with universal mounting rails (with square holes) made of heavy-duty steel, with durable, black powder-coat finish.

Loaded with options and accessories to help customize your server installation

Servit Integrated Zero-U PDU

A wide range of available options allow customizing the rack environment, with integrated zero-U power strips, LCD consoles, keyboard and mouse accessories, environmental monitoring systems, shelves, and cable management.MVK Integrated Keyboard Shelf


Sylphit LCD Console

SDR Pull-Out Shelf

Key features

Two Servits with (Covered) Inter-Bay Vertical Trough•  Cost effective alternative to enclosed racks
•  Designed to handle extensive cable management
•  4-post, front and rear mounting support
•  12 gauge cold rolled steel construction
•  1000 lb free-standing weight capacity; 1500 lb when networked
•  20.6 inches wide - fits on one raised-floor tile
•  Available in four (4) depths, from 24-inches to as deep as 36-inches
•  Steel upright mounting rails supporting universal square holes
•  45U of rack-mounting space with 84-inch high racks
•  Base may be bolted to the floor
•  Base may double as anti-tip feet
•  Ships knocked-down FedEx/UPS
•  Easily and quickly assembled on-site by one person


KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack