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CAT-5 Technology for High-Density KVM Switching at the Rack

ComboCAT, 32-PortComboCAT integrates CAT 5e/6 switching to access and control up to 32 servers at the rack.

Available in 8- 16- and 32-port density, 1U ComboCAT KVM switches support any mix of USB and PS/2 servers and utilize RJ45 connectivity to servers using CCP "Dongles", reducing cable clutter and enhancing unified cable-management at the rack.

CCP "Dongles" are universal – One CCP supports both PS/2 and USB server connection (with the utilization of an included adapter).  The CCP is connected directly to the server's VGA port.  An optional 6-inch VGA cable extends the CCP away from the back of the server.

ComboCAT CCP "Dongle"

USB and PS/2 Support in a Modular Design

ComboXCAT Core KVM DrawerComboXCAT is a modular KVM Drawer/Switch designed to answer today's needs for KVM management at the rack with built-in flexibility and modularity that supports growth.

ComboXCAT's core component is a single-port 1U rack-mount KVM Drawer, supporting either USB or PS/2 interfaces, designed to be connected to your existing KVM switch (or to one server) at the rack.

A modular KVM switch can also get mounted to the back of ComboXCAT, allowing it to control and access up to 32 servers – any mix of USB and PS/2 servers – at the rack, using only 1U of EIA rack space (1.75" high).

You can begin by deploying ComboXCAT connected to your existing KVM switch and add an integrated KVM switch of your choice in the future.  This modular design supports easy upgrades as well. For example, you can replace your ComboX 8-port (coax-based) switch with a ComboCAT 32-Port switch while the KVM Console/Drawer remains installed in your rack.

ComboXCAT's modular design prevents your installation from being brought down in the event that a component fails.  If the KVM switch is the culprit it can easily be replaced without dismantling the KVM Console/Drawer.  If the console malfunctions – your servers remain connected and up-and-running while you replace the KVM Console/Drawer.

ComboXCAT is available in the following configurations:

  • ComboXCAT (single-port)
  • ComboCAT 8-Port (with integrated 8-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboCAT 16-Port (with integrated 16-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboCAT 32-Port (with integrated 32-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboX 8-Port (with integrated 8-port coax-based KVM switch)**
  • ComboX 16-Port (with integrated 16-port coax-based KVM switch)**

ComboXCAT modular KVM switches can be purchased separately:

  • ComboCAT 8-Port (8-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboCAT 16-Port (16-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboCAT 32-Port (32-port Cat5-based KVM switch)*
  • ComboX 8-Port (8-port coax-based KVM switch)**
  • ComboX 16-Port (16-port coax-based KVM switch)**

* ComboCAT requires CCPs ("Dongles") to connect to servers – One CCP per server.  CCPs are universal, supporting both USB and PS/2 interfaces.

** ComboX requires a coax KVM cable to connect to servers – One cable per server.  ComboX cables are available with either USB interface or PS/2 interface, in lengths of 6-, 10- and 15-feet.

Choice of CAT-5 or Coax Cabling

ComboCAT, 32-PortWhether your installation can handle coax cables or whether it requires a clutter-free high-density Cat5-based system – ComboXCAT offers the best of both worlds.

ComboCAT KVM switches utilize RJ45 jacks to connect CAT 5e/6 cables (not included) to CCP "Dongles" on the server end. This setup is most flexible since the universal CCPs can connect to both USB and PS/2 servers.

ComboX KVM switches utilize a single HD-15 connector that supports a ComboX KVM cable – either USB or PS/2 – at either 6-, 10- or 15-feet length.

Choose from five (5) available models:

  • ComboCAT 8-Port (8-port Cat5-based KVM switch)
  • ComboCAT 16-Port (16-port Cat5-based KVM switch)
  • ComboCAT 32-Port (32-port Cat5-based KVM switch)
  • ComboX 8-Port (8-port coax-based KVM switch)
  • ComboX 16-Port (16-port coax-based KVM switch) 

ComboX, 16-Port

Remote Desktop Option for Controlling the Rack from the Desk

ComboCAT, 32-Port with Remote DesktopIn line with its modular design, ComboXCAT offers the option to add a 2nd console – extended up to 1000 feet away over CAT-5 cable – to access and control the servers at the rack.

ComboXCAT Remote Desktop (RD) Sender unit is a card that is easily inserted (pre-installed or field-installed) into a slot at the back of anyone of the ComboXCAT KVM switches. 

Conveniently place the small-footprint ComboXCAT RD Receiver box on your desk, connect a USB keyboard and mouse and a VGA monitor and you're up and running.

If you have a local computer at your desk – whether a USB or a PS/2 one – ComboXCAT RD Receiver's built-in 2-port KVM switch will allow you to access both with only one console at your desk.  A front button on ComboXCAT RD Receiver toggles the connection between the local computer and the servers at the rack, so that you could access and control both from the convenience of your desk. 

ComboXCAT RD maintains workstation security by preventing a user at the rack from accessing the computer at the desk.

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack