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Clymit WaterSnake
System Components

ClymitSnake Interface Cable

 Clymit WaterSnake Installation Diagram

Interface Cable – 50-feet long, four signal-wire cable runs from Clymit 300 to the Control Box.





ClymitSnake Control Box



Control Box – Interfaces between the water detection cables and Clymit 300 to generate alerts.





ClymitSnake Leader Cable


Leader Cable – 15-feet long, runs from the Control Box to the monitored area, where it gets connected to a water detection cable or a non-sensing cable




ClymitSnake Detction Cable


Detection Cable – The orange wire gets attached to the floor and senses the presence of water or other conductive liquid.  The last section must be terminated.




Non-Sensing Cable – Gets connected to Detection Cable in the monitored area; used to surround areas that don't require water sensing (e.g. door frame).


ClymitSnake J-Clips


J-Clips – Used to attach Detection Cable and Non-Sensing Cable to the floor.

Clymit WaterSnake And Clymit 300

Clymit WaterSnake Detection CableClymit WaterSnake Detection Cable (orange wire) attaches to the floor using small nylon J-clips. The detection cable connects to the Leader-Cable which attaches to the wall-mounted control box. LEDs on the control box provide a visual indication of system status.

Four signal-wires connect a 15-foot Leader-Cable to terminals on the control box.

One pair of wires tells if water was detected, while the other tells if the cable is damaged (cable fault).

A 50-foot Interface Cable connects the control box to two (2) I/O ports (analog ports) on Clymit 300.

When I/O ports are not available - Clymit WaterSnake can get connected to two remote (digital) sensor ports through the use of two Clymit IO-Port to Sensor-Port Converters.

Clymit WaterSnake Alarms

Clymit WaterSnake Detection CableClymit 300 continuously monitors Clymit WaterSnake to see if water is detected. If so, Clymit 300 follows the actions indicated by user-defined alarms.

Options include sending alerts through email or SNMP and trigger an alarm buzzer or energize an output relay. Alarm thresholds are configured through the web interface provided by Clymit 300.

Technical Specifications


  • Clymit WaterSnake Control BoxSignals - 2 dry-contact type signals (water detection, cable fault)
  • Power: 5VDC wall transformer
  • Indicator: Status LED
  • J-Clips: 10- or 25-pack, for attaching cables to the floor



  • Clymit 300 Connection: 50-foot interface cable , 4-conductor, runs to Control Box
  • Control Box: 15-foot Leader Cable runs to monitored area
  • Detection Cable: 10- 25- 50- or 100-foot orange wire kits, get interconnected up to a maximum length of 300 feet (End of line must use a Terminated Detection Cable)
  • Terminated Detection Cable: 10- or 40-foot orange wire kits terminated on one end, get interconnected with Detection Cables and Non-Sensing Cable up to a maximum length of 300 feet
  • Non-Sensing Cable: 10- 25- 50- or 100-foot wire, get interconnected with Detection Cables



  • Works with Clymit 300, Clymit 200
  • Connects to two (2) I/O (Analog) Ports
  • Compatible with Clymit IO-Port to Sensor-Port Converter to connect to Clymit 300/200 Remote (Digital) Sensor Ports. Reqires 2 converters connectiong to 2 ports.

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