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Clymit 300
Web Interface, NMS Integration, Broad SNMP Support and PDA/Cell-Phone Friendly

Clymit 300 Web InterfaceClymit™ 300's built-in Web server generates an independent web interface as a primary way to interact with the unit. This interface allows a user to remotely check the status of the environment, view graphs of logged data and see web cam images.

For local viewing, real-time values are continually displayed on a 2 line by 8 character backlit LCD display.
The user selects which sensors are shown on the display.

Configuration and administration of Clymit™ 300 is done through the web interface. Access is user name and password protected. SSL encryption can be used for added security through the HTTPS capabilities in browsers. The firmware running on Clymit™ 300 is also updated through the web interface, from anywhere, anytime.

Besides web access, there are a variety of methods that can also be used for obtaining sensor data from Clymit™ 300.

HP OpenViewClymit™ 300 is fully embedded with SNMP (v1, v2c, v3). This makes Clymit™ 300 a tightly integrated solution for integrating with any of your enterprise SNMP based Network Management Systems (such as HP OpenView, IP Sentry, MRTG, or Ipswitch What’s Up Gold) to easily add Clymit 300 to the list of monitored devices.

What's Up GoldKeeping current with today's Web-access capabilities, Clymit™ 300 also supports PDAs and cell phones for both access and configuration. Meta-tagged system info is available in XML and can be used to clone the configuration of multiple Clymit™ 300 units . Logged data can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Clymit™ 300 protocols include:

  • Web (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • SSL
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3 (full MIB)
  • Paging (email to pager proxy)
  • XML (meta-tagged sensor values, alarms, configuration)
  • Syslog (send debug messages to Syslog server)
  • Graphing
  • PDA display format
  • WAP (cell phone display)

Comprehensive Monitoring through Internal and Remote Sensors

Clymit 300Clymit™ 300 provides readings from six (6) internal sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Airflow
  • Sound level
  • Light level

In addition, a variety of remote sensors are easily added to provide readings from other locations (such as multiple equipment-racks, room's perimeter, etc.)

Clymit™ 300 provides five (5) ports for remote (digital) sensor. By using Clymit Multi-Line you can connect up to 16 remote sensors in any combination (with a total aggregate cable length of 600 feet), to monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow, air pollution and power current.

Up to 3 unique state-condition detectors (unlimited number when connected serially) can be connected to Clymit™ 300's I/O Ports in any combination, to monitor water leakage, door security, detection of power line voltage, and operating-state of electrical devices such as AC or UPS. Clymit™ 300's I/O Ports support any industry standard contact-closure sensors that provide a 0-5VDC signal.

All remote sensors can be given a "friendly" name through Clymit™ 300's Web interface to make them easier to identify.

Clymit Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point SensorClymit™ 300 has an intelligent auto-discover capability that automatically detects the connection of any remote sensor and external state-condition detector. Clymit™ 300 also identifies the sensor-type of any newly-connected remote sensor. Any newly-connected remote sensor gets immediately displayed on its Web interface, making them available for the administrator to rename and configure trip thresholds.

The Clymit™ 300 range of sensors also includes an integrated data collection and graphing package (with on-board memory retaining data for a period of up to one month) that is especially useful in spotting trends and providing information for analysis.

Plug-n-Play Installation and Online Firmware Update

Clymit 300 Network ConfigurationInstalling Clymit™ 300 is simple and easy. Just assign it an IP address, then plug in the appliance to your network, and you are ready to go.

Use the IP address to access Clymit™ 300's Web based interface through your browser. The user-friendly Web interface gives you the freedom to configure all sensors and set minimum/maximum trip values that trigger alarms to keep you informed.

With an advanced encrypted micro code built-in updating program, Clymit™ 300 can easily and effectively update its firmware over the Internet.

Key Features
  • Clymit 300Comes with an embedded Web server, for viewing and configuring over the network using a Web-browser, PDA, or cell phone
  • Includes 6 internal sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Dew Point, Sound Level, Light Level)
  • Supports up to 16 simultaneous auto-discover remote sensors
  • Supports up to 3 unique state-condition detectors, unlimited number when installed serially
  • Remote sensors can be located hundreds of feet away
  • Supports three (3) access-control level: View, Control, Admin
  • Supports all major communications protocols
  • Full SNMP compliant (SNMP v1, v2c and v3) with SNMP MIB included
  • Supports SNMP polling which allows the sensor values to be collected and graphed with host applications
  • Sends SNMP traps notifications to one or two destinations
  • Sends e-mail notifications to up to five (5) e-mail addresses
  • E-mail and traps include the sensor description, and the current sensor value
  • Paging alarms are supported via email-to-pager proxy
  • Able to set multiple thresholds (alarm points) for any given sensor, supporting escalating alerts, up to 200 conditions
  • Clymit Water SensorAllows thresholds to be set for all sensors
  • Supports alarm delays and alarm repeats
  • Support for high/low values for alarms, with as many as 12 readings per minute
  • Supports the display of up to four (4) optional Web cams
  • Small size, 1U rack-mountable
  • LED indicator for sensor status
  • Real-time values are continually displayed on a 2 line by 8 character backlit LCD display for local viewing, with the user selecting which sensors are shown on the display
  • Standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 connector
  • XML meta-tagged file that includes sensor values, alarms and configuration settings, can be imported/exported (for cloning)
  • Debug messages can be sent to a Syslog server
  • Firmware updates can be performed remotely
  • All jacks are front panel mounted
  • Two-year warranty, optional RackitCare extended warranty available

New and Improved Features

Escalating Alerts

Clymit™ 300 alarm system now features the ability to set multiple thresholds (alarm points) for any given sensor and selectively determine where the alerts are sent, making it easy to set up an escalating series of alerts for a single condition, or send different kinds of alerts to the personnel or departments best suited to deal with them.

For example, when the temperature rises beyond the first threshold, a warning email could go out to the systems administrator, but as temperature continues to rise and exceeds a second (higher) threshold, another warning email could go out, this time to the HVAC technician and the facility manager in addition to the systems administrator.

Up to five e-mail addresses and/or up to two SNMP listeners can receive alerts for any particular condition.


The limitation of one high-trip and one low-trip per sensor is gone.  Clymit™ 300 allows setting up multiple high-trips and one low-trips per sensor, for a total of 200 trips. A warning (e-mail; SNMP trap; local audio horn) can be configured to be delayed up to 10 minutes and can also be configured to be sent repeatedly every 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

Clymit 300Logging

Measurements read by Clymit™ 300 can be configured to be logged once every sixty seconds exactly, or the highest/lowest of 12 readings taken in one minute.

E-Mail Alerts

The state in which e-mail alerts go out to all 5 email address or to none is gone.  Clymit™ 300 allows configuring up to 200 conditions, including multiple conditions per sensor, with each condition configured to send an e-mail to anyone of the 5 available e-mail addresses.


Clymit™ 300 allows you to configure which condition will trigger an SNMP trap and to which (of two) SNMP listeners should the trap be sent. Clymit™300 series includes support for the newer SNMP v3 protocol, as well as legacy support for v1 and v2c.


Clymit™ 300 can export and import a configuration file containing all of the settings on a particular unit.

This can be especially useful if you intend to set up multiple identical Clymit™ 300-and-sensor combinations in several facilities, since it allows you to simply configure one unit and then rapidly "clone" its settings – including network configurations, alarm settings, display options, e-mail and SNMP configurations, etc. – into your other installations.

Built-In Sensors

Clymit™ 300 now ships with 6 internal sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Air flow
  • Light level
  • Sound level

Date and Time

Clymit™ 300 supports the use of an NTP server for time readings. Alternatively, Clymit™ 300 includes a hardware real-time clock which keeps time even when the system loses power, and which can be set to periodically resynchronize itself with an external NTP time server.  Date and time can also be formatted in non-USA format.

Firmware Update

Clymit™ 300 has a firmware-update function built right in to the web-page interface. Firmware updates can be performed remotely (no need to be in front of the unit) or even off site – simply point to the firmware-update file and Clymit Clymit™does the rest.

Technical Specifications

Built-in Sensors

  • Clymit 300Temperature: -22 to 185 °F (-30 to 85 °C), +/- 0.5 °C
  • Humidity: 0 to 100%, +/- 5%
  • Air Flow: 0 to 99 (relative value)
  • Dew Point
  • Light: ambient light level
  • Sound: average sound level

Remote Sensor Support

  • Digital Sensor: 5 ports (supports up to 16 with splitters)
  • Analog sensor: 3 I/O ports (contact closure, 0-5 VDC)

Other Specifications

  • Physical: 19" rack-mount, 1-U space
  • Power: 6VDC (supplied wall transformer)
  • Ethernet: 10 Mbps, RJ-45 receptacle
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with power backup
  • IP Reset push-button: Restores factory defaults
  • Alarm reset push-button: Silences alarm buzzer
  • LCD Display: 2 lines x 8, back lit, cycling sensor values
  • HTTP / HTTPS Web access
  • ESMTP / POP3 email protocols
  • SNMP (v1, v2c, v3) gets, trap and clear alerts, MIB
  • Paging with email to pager proxy
  • XML: Meta-tagged sensor values, alarms, config
  • Syslog: Send debug messages to Syslog server
  • Web interface: 2 styles to choose from

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