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LINIER 3130-Series
Key Features

LINIER's rack-mount rails90 degree swing-out.  The lockable enclosure can be swung out 90° from the back wall-mounted frame with a positive stop, allowing easy access to the rear of installed equipment.  This capability also provides additional space and accessibility for terminating, installing and managing cables.

Numerous cable-access knock-outs.  Strategically placed laser knock-outs provide a plethora of locations to feed copper or fiber optic cabling into the cabinet, from the top, bottom and the cabinet's back.

Adjustable rails. The included set of cage-nut compatible mounting-rails (featuring 'universal' square holes) continuously adjust (up to 8" both in the front and in the back) to accommodate various equipment depths.  Additional mounting-rails are available to support 4-post mounting equipment at various depths.

Heat dissipation.  The cabinet is equipped with vents running both at the top and the bottom of the cabinet's front and two sides.  Up to two (2) optional 78-CFM exhaust fans can be field-installed on the cabinet's top and/or bottom.

Security + easy access. Front door is lockable and removable.  Two side-panels are also lockable and removable.  The cabinet's swinging front section is also lockable.  All locks use the same key.

Removable side panels. Easy-to-remove side panels provide more access for growing or changing cabling schemes, as well as offer the option for increased air flow to prevent equipment from overheating.

Reversible design. Tempered safety front glass door can be removed or reversed to be left or right mounted, to accommodate your particular installation.

Additional Features

  • 150 lbs. weight capacity
  • Supports 2-post- 4-post- and multi-depth-mounting
  • 22-inch mounting depth
  • Locking front door and side panels
  • EIA compliant
  • Black powder-coated reinforced steel
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

LINIER 3130, top (and bottom) viewExternal Dimensions

Width: 23½"

Depth: 26" (swinging front: 23"; back: 3")

Height (in.) / Weight (lbs.)

  • 6U: 13⅝ / 45
  • 9U: 18⅞ / 51
  • 12U: 24⅛ / 62
  • 15U: 29⅜ / 71
  • 18U: 34⅝ / 77
  • 21U: 41⅝ / 87


 Rack-Mount Dimensions

Maximum depth: 22"

Minimum depth: 6"

Depth adjustability: Continuous 8" in the front; Continuous 8" in the back

Height: 6U (10½"); 9U (15¾"); 12U (21"); 15U (26¼"); 18U (31½"); 22U (38½")



  • Front vents - top and bottom
  • Side vents - top and bottom
  • Up to two (2) optional 78-CFM exhaust fans (top and bottom)


Cable Access

  • Wall-mount portion (top/bottom): Three (3) knock-outs, 3¼" x 1¼" oblong
  • Swinging portion (top/bottom): Two (2) knock-outs, 2" diameter (towards the back of the rack)



  • Four (4) reversible key-holes
  • (At least) Six (6) ¼" diameter holes (depending on cabinet's height)

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack