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2-Post Racks

Government SalesAluminum or Steel Open Racks for Rack-Mounting Telco / Network / Computer Equipment.

Also known as 'Relay Racks' or 'Open-Bay Racks', Rackit's 2-post racks heavy-duty open racks, designed to accommodate rack-mount telecommunication equipment, front-mounting network appliances and peripherals, with optional shelves accommodating LAN servers and other IT gear.

Designed to be either free-standing or get bolted to the floor, Rackit's 2-post racks provide unrestricted airflow for maximum ventilation, easy access to cables for moves, adds and changes and high static load ratings.

A full range of shelves, cable-management systems, rack-mount PDUs, and accessories are available to complement the racks functionality, making Rackit's 2-post racks suitable and adaptable to a variety of telecommunication and data center applications.

 2-post Relay Racks

Wire-Management Relay Racks

Strandit 41Strandit 41 heavy-duty 41U cable-management relay rack ships UPS/FedEx Ground, featuring ample space for intense cable-runs within a 2-post telco rack.

• High weight capacity 1200 lbs.
• Two 4x3" uprights serve as vertical cable channels, eliminating the need for external cable managers
• Free-standing or anchored to the floor
• Stand-alone of gang-able (networked)
• Small footprint - fits over a 24" floor tile
• Square universal mounting holes (cage-nut-compatible), front and back
• Ship UPS/FedEx Ground


Strandit 85Strandit 85 19-inch wire-management Telco rack offers an elaborate cable management capability for wire-intense applications.
• 19" rack-mount @ 84" high (45U)
• Facilitate overhead cable routing
• Integrated cable D-rings and cable tie anchors
• Wide and deep uprights channels with side cable pass through holes
• #12-24 pre-tapped mounting holes, front and back
• 14 Gauge steel construction
• Black finish
• UL listed






 Life-time warranty




VersaRack, 25UVersaRacks are heavy-duty steel 19-inch Telco racks offering great mounting flexability, designed to be bolted to the floor.
• 19" rack-mount
• 25U and 45U models available
• Universal cage-nut mounting holes on one side of rails
• #10-32 pre-tapped mounting holes on other side of rails
• 14 Gauge steel construction
• Black powder-coat finish
• 800 lbs. weight capacity
• Self-squaring design for quick and easy assembly
• Ship UPS/FedEx Ground




Free-Standing Relay Racks

Free-Standing Relay RacksFree-Standing Relay Racks feature a deeper-base design for 19-inch Telco rack applications, eliminating the need to be bolted to the floor.
• Standard-duty and heavy-duty models available
• 19" rack-mount
• 21U, 38U, 41U, and 44U
• Table-top 12U and 16U models available
• Support optional casters
• 12 Gauge steel construction
• #10-32 pre-tapped front mounting holes
• Smoke Blue Textured "Sandtex" finish
• Ship UPS/FedEx Ground




Standard Relay Racks

Standard Relay RacksStandard Relay Racks are the most commonly-used Telco racks, 19-inch or 23-inch EIA rack-mount standard, designed to be bolted to the floor.
• 19" rack-mount
• 84", 72", 60", 48", and 36" high
• 23" rack-mount @ 84" high
• #12-24 pre-tapped mounting holes, front and back
• Support Inter-Bay Vertical Trough for cable-intensive applications
• Aluminum construction
• Black or aluminum-brush finish
• UL listed
• Ship UPS/FedEx Ground

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack