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Starting At $181.00

Wallit SH Wallit SH

Starting At $181.00

Perfect for housing intercom, paging and security systems, CAT-5, fiber, voice and most any communications mounting needs, Wallit™ SH enclosures provide 19" rack-mounting capability for small to medium deployments (6U, 9U and 12U) designed to be mounted to the wall, with ample cable access and a front see-through door.
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Wallit Panel Wallit Panel

With included staggered (4U and 2U) mounting bracket set and optional 1U bracket-set, cable management rings, fiber box assembly, exhaust fan assembly, filter kit and RackiTies, Wallit Panel offers the flexibility your communication hub requires for mounting 19" and 23" patch-panels and communications accessories.
Wallit DVR Wallit DVR

Providing the peace of mind that your sensitive electronics are secure and safe, Wallit™ DVR wall-mount security lock box - now available in two depths - is perfect for securing just about any device, from digital video recorders (DVRs) to VCRs, to sensitive network appliances and even tower or desktop computers that need to be securely locked up and horizontally mounted to the wall.
Wallit Incline Wallit Incline

When rear access is needed for the installation and maintenance of patch panels and switches, Wallit Incline, with its tilting rack-mount frame that swings down and stops at 90 degrees, is a suitable wall-mount solution. Additionally, an optional protective cover doubles as a shelf, while optional brackets offer additional stationary 1U rack-mounting for the ultimate in versatility.
Wallit CPU FX Wallit CPU FX

Designed to adjust to the PC's width and height, Wallit™ CPU FX is a versatile mounting solution for safely securing your computer off the floor, at a more-convenient access height, accommodating computer towers large and small, while the included hook and loop Velcro straps offer added support.
Wallit SuperBox Wallit SuperBox

Featuring a hinged, lockable front cover and optional exhaust fans for extra equipment cooling, Wallit™ SuperBox is designed to safely and securely house small electrical equipment and IT rack-mounted gear, such as Ethernet switches, wireless routers, DVD players, digital recorders or digital-signage media-players.
LINIER 3130-Series LINIER 3130-Series

Don't work around the rack... get a rack that works around you! Smartly engineered to include all the features you would expect at a competitive price point, LINIER wall-mount, swinging, 2/4-post-mounting datacom/telecom distribution enclosure provides 19" rack-mounting capability and comes with American-made manufacturing quality.
Sylphit-Duo Sylphit-Duo

Ideal for viewing video at the rack without occupying any aisle space, Sylphit-Duo features an independent sliding rail for the flat-panel display, allowing the monitor to be folded up and visible while the keyboard/mouse tray remains "tucked in" the rack and out of the way. With its sharp 17" display, Sylphit-Duo is also available with a built-in 8- or 16-port KVM switch.
Fixed PC Holders Fixed PC Holders

Protect your computer while creating a more functional, organized workspace - get your PC off the floor (or off the desktop). Available in Two (2) models (for full size tower/desktop PCs and for small-form-factor PCs), Wallit™ CPU mount in minutes to any wall or desk making it easy to secure any desktop/tower PC to the wall or to the side of the desk.
BridgeIT  Cable Organizers BridgeIT Cable Organizers

Facilitating an increased cable-bend radius for elaborate horizontal cable management, BridgeIT cable troughs (with covers) support cables runs from one side of the rack to the other side for a well-organized and clean looking communication-rack installation.
Wallit BoxTilt Wallit BoxTilt

Ideal for securing and tucking away IT and A/V equipment in remote offices, schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants, and hotels, Wallit™ BoxTilt provides 3U rack-mounting on a 3-position key-locked tilt-out panel with built-in cable-management, adjustable wall-mount provisions for recess or surface mount, easy installation and access to equipment maintenance and accommodations for power distribution, plug-in outlets and junction boxes.
Wallit Comm Wallit Comm

Ideal for telecommunications closets, IT installers, audio/visual technicians and anyone in the telecom industry, Wallit™ Comm is a wall-mount, heavy-duty, open 19-inch rack that is self-squaring and incredibly easy to assemble and install on-site.

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Wallit Flush
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HFF Cable-Ring was $6.50, now only $4.99

LFF Cable-Ring was $5.00, now only $3.99

19-18S Cantilever Shelf was $48.00, now only $29.00

Flat Tool-Less Filler Panel, 2U was $9.59, now only $6.99

MFS Cable-Ring was $8.00, now only $7.00

Wallit SuperBox, 5U was $239.00, now only $199.00

Wallit SuperBox, 3U was $219.00, now only $179.00

Wallit CPU SF was $43.00, now only $39.00

FMD Rack Drawer, 3U [SD] was $126.00, now only $59.00

Wallit Incline, 4U [SD] was $135.00, now only $49.00

Sylphit-Duo-PS2 DSK-817 [SD] was $1,299.00, now only $99.00

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack
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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack