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Wallit Box 400 [SD]

Selecting the right rack accessories will make the management and organization of your datacenter more efficient, and help effectively power, cool, and protect your IT equipment.

Rackit's rack-accessories consist of a variety of meticulously engineered and high quality crafted accessories that go along with your IT open and enclosed racks, making your computer workplace and network environment comfortable and productive.


Cable-Management Accessories 

Cable-Management Accessories


Specifically designed for re-use and characterized by the ease of branching cables in-and-out, Rackit's cable-management products are designed to address the daunting task of managing wires and cables within a rack-installation.


Keyboard/Mouse AccessoriesKeyboard/Mouse Accessories


Keyboard/mouse trays, integrated keyboard/mouse/monitor shelves, and LCD keyboard/mouse rack-mountconsoles, Rackit's keyboard/mouse accessories provide a useful and convenient way of mounting your keyboard mouse and monitor in your rack.

Cooling Accessories 

Cooling Solutions


Exhaust fans, air-blower and controller, all designed to enhance and regulate airflow inside an enclosed equipment rack to keep its temperature cool.

Filler Panels 

Filler Panels


Used to close up un-used space in the rack, Filler Panels are also a cost-effective cooling accessory, ensuring that mounted devices do not recycle warm exhaust air.

External Threat Detectors 

Environment Monitoring Systems


External Threat Detection systems provide early warning of conditions that can lead to equipment failure, giving you the valuable lead-time you need to save your network from costly downtime


PDUsPower Distribution Units (PDUs)


Whether occupying zero-U or rack-mounted in your rack, Rackit's PDUs offer a wide selection to effectively distribute and mange power in your rack installation.





An assortment of models, either stationary or pull-out (sliding), Rackit's shelves are engineered to support the weights of any IT gear in either 4-post or 2-post racks.

Mounting Screws 

Mounting Screws


Used with different styles of racks (pre-tapped #10-32, #12-24 or square holes), Rack-Mounting Screws are used to mount equipment, shelves, and accessories onto racks.

Grounding Accessories 

Grounding Accessories


Copper Bus Bars and grounding kits are used to ground networking equipment to the building's ground outside of a rack.

Conversion Kits 

Conversion Kits


Conversion kits are sets of brackets of various heights that convert the width of a wider rack (24" or 23" wide) to conform to 19" EIA rack-mount standard.




A 7-inch high rack-mount drawer with a locking lid, designed for securely storing odds and ends in a 4-post rack.



CD ShelfCD Shelf


A CD Shelf supports the convenient storing of CDs, tapes and most media types right at the rack.


Back-Support Kit 

Back Support Kit


A depth-adjustable bracket kit designed to add additional support to a 2-post relay rack (such as Standard Relay Rack or Strandit).



RMS2442-Post Server Mounting Kit


RMS244 2-Post Server Mounting Kit is an innovative rail system that supports mounting a 1U server into a 2-post rack system.


Ladder Bracket 

Ladder Brackets


A bracket kit designed to support the connection of Rackit's Standard Relay Racks to "ladder" rack systems that are typically used in communication centers and server rooms.



Rear-Mount Support KitRear-Mount Support Kit


A Kit designed to work with Rackit's Strandit 85 rack and Standard Relay Racks, to provide additional rear support for any front mount equipment.


KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack