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Standard Relay Racks

Government SalesStandard Relay RacksStandard Relay Racks2-post aluminum open-bay racks for rack-mounting telco/network/computer equipment

Rackit's standard relay racks are designed to support the mounting of up to 1,500 lbs. of data, telecommunications, networking and electrical equipment, either rack-mounted or on single-sided or double-sided shelves.

Rackit's standard relay racks are constructed of extruded anodized aluminum, with a 14" deep base featuring 4 holes at all corners to facilitate securing and bolting the racks to the floor.

#12-24 pre-tapped (powder-free) mounting holes, both on the front and back of the rack, are spaced to conform to EIA 310-D 19" rack-mount standard.

The anodized finish is applied to Rackit's standard relay racks prior to the mounting profile being drilled, preventing the clogging of the pre-tapped mounting holes. A clean mounting profile makes equipment installation quick and easy with the use of standard mounting screws (no need for self-tapping screws). The absence of any powder coating also makes grounding equipment utilizing bus-bars easy and effective.

For easy on-site assembly, Rackit's standard relay racks use large ½" bolts with pre-tapped holes so that no nuts are required for assembly. Rackit's standard relay racks ship knocked-down with standard UPS/FedEx delivery.

Rackit's Standard Relay Racks can be ganged together to one another, optionally utilizing Inter-Bay Vertical Troughs for extensive wire management.

Rackit's standard relay racks are RoHS compliant and UL® 60950-1 approved.

A wide range of rack-mount cable organizers2-post-mounting shelves, PDUs and accessories are available to complement the racks functionality, making Rackit's relay racks suitable and adaptable to a variety of telecommunication and data center applications.

Standard Relay Racks networked w/ Interbay Cable TroughRackit's Life-Time Warranty

Available Heights*/Rack-Units: 84"/45U, 72"/38U, 66"/35U, 60"/31U, 48"/24U, 36"/18U

Available Colors: Natural aluminum brush - silver anodized finish, or black anodized finish

* 72", 66", 60", 48", 36" heights are special order (non-returnable).

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack