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Wallit SH
Features and benefits

Wallit SH, 6UEasy to hang on the wall

Wallit SH ships with a hanging bracket included, making it easy for a one person install. The hanging bracket runs the width of the cabinet, featuring multiple holes to facilitate stud and non-stud wall-mounting. Once the hanging bracket is mounted to the wall, Wallit SH hangs on it, making it easy to complete the wall-mounting through four available key-holes.

Adjustable tapped rails

Wallit SH ships with one set of #10-32 pre-tapped mounting rails. Four (4) available positions in the front of the cabinet make the rails depth-adjustable in 1-inch increments for a maximum usable depth of 16¾ inches.


Wallit SH is fitted with ventilation slots surrounding the cabinet on both sides and in front, both top and bottom of the rack.  Additional airflow can be generated with mounting one or two optional 120mm exhaust fans on cabinet's top and bottom.

Cable access

Two 2"-diameter cable knockouts on both top and bottom panels can be used to facilitated extensive and well-organized cable management.

Solid, secure enclosure

Wallit SH is made of cold rolled steel and a welded frame with solid side panels and a locking see-through front door, rated at 150 lbs. weight-load.


• 16¾ inches maximum usable mounting depth

• Adjustable #10-32 pre-tapped front mounting rails

• 150 lbs. weight capacity

• Locking acrylic door

• Solid sides

• Hanging bracket for easy, one-person installation

• Welded frame construction

• 19" EIA compliant

• Made in the USA

• Limited lifetime warranty

Technical specifications

Wallit SH, 6URack-mounting

•    Rails: One set of front-mounting #10-32 pre-tapped rails (one on right side, one on left side)
•    6U or 9U or 12U rack-mounting space (10½ or 15¾ or 21 inches high)
•    Rails positioning: Four (4) front positions, 1-inch increment
•    Maximum usable (internal) depth: 16¾ inches
•    This rack requires #10-32 mounting screws (not included)


•    Four (4) wall-mounting key-holes on each side of the enclosure's back panel
•    Hanging bracket included
•    Wall-mounting hardware not included

Cable access

•    Four (4) 2" diameter round knockouts, 2" (on center) from the enclosure's back, 5¼" (on center) from the enclosure's side; two (2) on top, two (2) on bottom


•    Front top and bottom chassis above and below the front door are vented
•    Both sides, top and bottom are vented
•    Fan knockouts: 4½" diameter, top and bottom, 10" (on center) from the back of the enclosure; 11¼" (on center) from the enclosure's sides
•    Optional 120mm low noise, fan 53 CFM (mounts inside enclosure). Comes with mounting hardware, finger guard, AC cord


•    A key lock mounted on the front door
•    2 keys provided


•    14 gauge and 16 gauge CRS (cold rolled steel)
•    Color: Black
•    Finish: Powder-coat


•    External height: 14⅜" (6U); 19¾" (9U); 34⅞" (12U)
•    External width: 22½"
•    External depth: 17½"
•    Weight: 26 lbs. (6U); 30½ lbs. (9U); 35 lbs. (12U)
•    Shipping method: UPS/FedEx

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack