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Plyant CQ Enclosures

Plyant CQP 24U and 41UAvailable at 24U, 41U and 44U rack spaces as a full-size (42-inches deep) enclosure with heavy-duty structural integrity that supports loads of 2,000 lbs., Plyant CQ enterprise-class cabinet system easily manages increasingly deeper server-densities, integrates abundance of power, provides excellent heat dissipation and offers intelligent heavy-duty cable management in a holistic approach that helps manage the increasing complexities of the IT environment.

[See Plyant™ Low-Boy for smaller (13U, 30-inches high) applications, and Plyant™ CL for a range of 24U to 44U enclosures, at either 32" or 36" in depth.]

Life-time warranty

Plyant CQ racks feature a 12-gauge rugged and reinforced base with 14-gauge steel posts formed 5 times for extra strength to support increased weight capacity, even when on casters.  Reinforced rear side-posts increase structural integrity, while allowing for lighter and easier to handle side panels.

With true 24-inch external width – allowing for consistent enclosure alignment on 24" raised tile floors – Plyant CQP base is designed for floor anchoring, and can be deployed using levelers or heavy-duty caster kits, or both combined, with optional anti-tip legs to support heavy loads of slide-out servers.

Plyant CQx rear corner posts feature cable pass-through knockouts for easy cable passage between networked (ganged) cabinets.  Top cable access knockouts at the back of the cabinet's frame, along with optional horizontal (sideways and front-to-back) cable trays and vertical cable management that can run in each corner post make Plyant CQC the rack of choice for cable-intense installations. 

Optional brush-grommet kits improve thermal management and keep the dust out while maintaining the cabinet's full cable-management functionality.

12-gauge universal (square holes) U-index rack-mount mounting rails are pre-set at 29" apart (front-to-back) and are infinitely adjustable to be positioned anywhere within the depth of the rack.

UL listedThe variety of lift-off doors are supported by 3 hinges, allowing them to swing open 180°.

24" wide Plyant CQP is designed for standard server and network 19" rack-mounting applications. 

30" wide Plyant CQC is ideal for cable-intense installations, providing extra space for running extensive cabling, including front-to-back cable trays,within a 19" or 23" rack-mounting application.

 Plyant CQC







Configured with the most popular components, Plyant CQ Redi-Ship are pre-configured racks, offering the convenience of one-part-number-ordering and discounted pricing (compared to A-La-Cart pricing).



Plyant CQ wealth of options include (check out options tables for availability):

  • Base Units – 30" wide CQC models (41U and 44U); 24" wide CQP modles (24U, 41U and 44U)
  • Doors – Plexiglas; Vented; Plexiglas-Vented; Mesh-Vented; Solid; Mesh; Vented-Mesh; Beveled-Mesh; Split-Mesh; Split-Fan. 
  • Door Handles – 6 different styles.
  • Tops – Solid; Perforated; Vented (225 CFM, 550 CFM, 1100 CFM).
  • Side-panels – Solid; Louvered.
  • Feet – Anti-Tip Legs; Leveling Feet; Casters; Leveling Feet and Casters combined; Seismic Anchoring.
  • Ventilation – Split-Fan door; Bevel-Mesh-Door integrated exhaust fan; Vented Tops.

Plyant CQx assortment of accessories include:











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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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