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Multi-Platform (USB-PS/2) Support

Sylphit-MP, 8-portsSylphit-MP supports both USB and PS/2 computer hardware-platforms.

With its built-in 8- or 16-port KVM switch, Sylphit-MP SK-Class can connect to any mix of USB servers and PS/2 servers.  Use the supplied USB KVM cables to connect to any USB server, or the separately-purchased PS/2 KVM cables to connect to PS/2 servers.

A 105-key Windows keyboard along with a dedicated numeric keypad and a 2-button touchpad pointing device provide complete console control over any attached server.

At Only 1U, Sylphit KVM Drawer is the Ultimate Rack-Space-Saver

Sylphit MP SK-Class, 8-Port, Back ViewBecause Sylphit KVM drawer is rack-mounted, it fits comfortably into a standard 19-inch 4-post server rack, taking up significantly less space than a standard-sized monitor/keyboard/mouse console.

Sylphit rack-mount KVM drawer features an exceptionally sturdy, industrial strength nickel-coated 1U rack-mount self-locking drawer, designed to withstand the most demanding industrial hazards.

Being multi-rack compatible, Sylphit KVM drawer can be adjusted to fit in deep rack configurations, with adjustable rear-mount brackets.

The keyboard, monitor, touchpad and KVM-switch controls can be pulled out from the main rack body by means of a sliding drawer, tilted-open in a laptop-style and used on the spot, without protruding much into the aisle space in front of the rack.

For security, the unit has built-in thumb-screws rivets to secure the unit in its closed position and prevent it from sliding out. When the unit is pulled-out, an automatic locking mechanism locks the drawer in its fully-extended position, preventing any inadvertent movement.

Crisp Video with Slick, Large, High Resolution Flat Panel Displays

Sylphit-MP MSK-817Sylphit KVM drawer's monitor is a state-of-the-art LCD device. Its active matrix screen is as vivid as a traditional desktop computer monitor or television screen.

Sylphit KVM drawer's flat-panel display is made with thin film transistors which are resistant to electro-magnetism, and is protected with anti-glare tempered glass.

Sylphit KVM drawer's flat-panel displays are available in either 19-inch or 17-inch models, featuring a large viewing angle with high-rate brightness, supporting resolutions of 1280 x 1024.

Key Features

Sylphit-MP•  Multi-Platform support for any mix of USB and PS/2 servers.

•  105-key full-featured Windows keyboard, with a dedicated numeric keypad.

•  2-button integrated touch-pad pointing device supporting Windows functionality.

•  A dedicated console port for connecting second (external) set of USB/VGA peripherals.

•  Only 1U (1.75" high) of 19-inch rack-mount space.

•  Built-in integrated KVM switch that allow controlling up to 16 USB and PS/2 servers.

•  Cascading port supports the connection of 7 more levels of KVM switches, for port expansion to control up to 128 servers from one console.

•  High-brightness and high contrast-ratio active TFT LCD flat panel integrated folding display.

•  19" or 17" active TFT LCD display supporting crisp video resolution up to 1280 x 1024.

•  Anti-glare tempered glass protects the flat-panel display, adding enhanced visibility.

•  Laptop-style tilting display provides for short pull-out and minimal intrusion into the aisle space in front of the rack.

•  On-Screen-Display (OSD) that allows assigning names to the attached servers, searching and selecting them by name.

•  Alternate server selection via channel push-buttons, or hot-key keyboard combination.

•  Auto-scan mode for monitoring servers.

•  Eight-character user-password protection.

•  High-grade integrated (all-in-one) USB and PS/2 KVM cables (6-feet USB cables ship included).

•  Adjustable rear mounting brackets support rack-mounting onto deep racks.

•  Smooth-operating sliding rails that self-lock when pulled all the way out.

•  Industrial-grade heavy-duty steel construction, with built-in thumb screws for securing the unit when folded and pushed all the way in.

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack