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Servit PX

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Servit PX45Heavy-duty (1600 lb) 4-post open rack with adjustable depth and with built-in grounding studs

Available in 24U and 45U, Servit™ PX features a heavy-duty construction with #10-32 pre-tapped mounting rails, supporting 4-post (front and rear) mounting of modern rack-mount servers at virtually any depth.

Servit PX utilizes side rails, an extension bar and cross member piece that get attached together with supplied hardware. These on-site assembled sections determine the depth of the rack and can be set by the user (during the assembly process) to any depth from 26" to 38" (in one-inch increments) to match the depth of your equipment.

When multiple Servit PX racks are needed in a data-center installation, simply gang them together. Ganging holes on both sides of the frame make it easy to gang and secure multiple racks together. You can even gang (network) both the 24U and 45U size racks together because the holes align. And for installations that require connections be made above the rack (such as trunk cabling or ladder racks), simply go through the completely open frame at the top. Servit PX' completely open top design allows the racks to accept cable bundles. It also makes the racks compatible with most ladder racks and coordinating accessories.

Constructed of heavy duty, powder-coated, 12-gauge cold-rolled steel, Servit PX has a weight capacity of 1600 pounds! Vertical uprights feature a mounting pattern on both front and back of the upright. The uprights also feature cable pass through holes to allow cabling to pass from one rack to the next.

Servit PX also features eight grounding studs on the inside of the four rails that allow you to directly ground your equipment. Also included are serrated tooth washers that, when tightened, dig in and remove paint from the rack, establishing electrical continuity throughout the rack.

Servit PX is designed for either stand-alone setup or multiple-racks ganged-together (networked) in a data-center installation. Servit PX can also be networked with Comit relay racks and supports integrated PDUs.

Servit PX ships knocked-down with UPS/FedEx and gets easily assembled on-site requiring only one person.

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack